Frequently Asked Questions

Grundy Brothers have designed, installed and maintained coolrooms, freezers, cold stores, and customized refrigerated cabinets all over Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and regional areas across all of New South Wales.

With more than a decade of experience working with commercial refrigeration, our key advantage is our comprehensive range of experience across every aspect of the coolroom environment. We trust you may have some questions regarding our Coolroom services so we have prepared this page to help.


What size cool rooms to the Grundy Brothers specialize in maintaining and installing?

All sizes are welcomed. Ranging from your smallest commercial cool room and all the way up to your industrial factory size. Grundy Brothers have your business or organization covered.

What Types of cool rooms are the Grundy brothers able to maintain and install?

All cool rooms. If your cool room is in a factory, prep room, R & D room, chicken shed, standard cool room, freezer room or even an agricultural shed. We do it all and also offer a full design service if required for your project.

What do the Grundy Brothers actually do?

If it falls under the refrigeration, electrical or air conditioning category - we do it.
The Grundy Brothers will build, construct and wire all Cool Rooms from start to finish.

We supply & install, offer complete refrigeration design and even just repair and maintain, basically whatever is required for your projects completion and your satisfaction as our client.

Who are the Grundy Brothers?

The Grundy Brothers are Troy and Stuart. They started their business a decade a go.
Stuart is a qualified refrigeration mechanic and with the help of Troy, they have built a credible and successful business from the ground up. Head over to their about page to learn more.

Who do the Grundy Brothers work with?

Whoever it takes to get the job done but only within our trusted network of course. We work with builders; concreters and plumbers within our network who will work in conjunction with the Grundy Brothers to ensure the best practices are always completed on your individual project.

Where do the Grundy Brothers work?

All over New South Wales and Australia. The Grundy Brothers are based in the Central Coast of NSW and service cool rooms all over New South Wales. If there is a cool room in need of work, it’s likely the Grundy Brothers will be there.

What equipment do the Grundy Brothers have?

The Grundy brothers have all their own equipment. They understand what it takes to get the job done right. They have their own forklifts, scissor lifts, trucks & vans to ensure no task is left undone and that there is no reason to out source or hire outside their business.